Client comments

Garden design

“Mary was (and still is) an absolute delight to deal with. From the first moment we met, we had absolute confidence that she would deliver what we were after. This proved to be the case. Mary embraced our ideas, contributing significantly in terms of aesthetics in relation to hard landscaping and practicalities around certain plants we should consider. Her knowledge is extensive and her way of working is thoroughly professional. We would wholly recommend her to anyone in an instant.”   

Howard and Emma, Roundhay

“As a not very knowledgeable gardener I have to say I was apprehensive to approach a professional to redesign our garden.  How wrong could I have been: Mary is a very approachable person who sits down and gets to know you before commencing work on redesigning the garden.  We gave Mary a list of our requirements and after taking soil samples to determine which plants would be best suited to the garden Mary returned to us with a plan.  She suggested to us that we plot out the new garden to ensure that it met our needs before taking matters further.  This was a brilliant idea as once the new plan was plotted out it became apparent to us that our priorities were totally wrong for the space we had to work with.  Mary helped us to redesign the garden with new priorities and we are now proud owners of a beautiful garden which provides colour in not only spring and summer, but goes through until the end of autumn. Without Mary’s intervention at the initial planning stage we could have been very disappointed with the outcome.  Mary also presented us with a month by month guide on what to do in the garden which is a very helpful addition to our bookshelf.  Thank you Mary.”   

Karen and Craig, Gledhow

Our garden was a bit of a shambles after our house extension but we knew that gave us an opportunity to make it into the garden we had always wanted it to be.  We just didn’t know how so we called in Mary.  Mary was great.  She gave us the courage to make some big decisions, like levelling it, replanting a hedge and moving a shed, that we just wouldn’t have had the courage to do on our own.  We gave her a long wish list for the design and planting with potentially conflicting requirements which she more than satisfied.  She was incredibly good at accommodating some of our existing plants and making alterations when the contractors started work and the design needed tweaking. Now the garden is the place I love to be to escape from the pressures of work and family life.  It is a real tonic and gives us all a great deal of enjoyment throughout the year.”

Rachel and Tim, Wharfedale

“We had an uninspiring back garden; it was overgrown and unloved. Having no experience with gardening, we decided to get professional help.  Mary was able to help us see what we wanted from our garden and what we wanted our new garden to look like. We were very pleased with the whole process and asked Mary to project monitor the construction work.  Everything happened when and as agreed within the time frame and budget.  Initially the quote for the garden came in significantly over budget and Mary worked well to bring it back down. Now we can’t wait to see how it will grow into a colourful and inspiring garden!”  

Rebecca and Roger, Meanwood

“Mary has been involved in the redesign of our gardens over the past four years. Initially this was the rear garden and since we were so pleased with this she was asked to redesign the front garden as well. Latterly she has been involved in the further development of the back garden to incorporate a pond and a redesigned patio area adjacent to it.

This is at present being implemented by the landscape company Innoscape and is shaping up very well. All the gardens have been transformed from a tangled mess of old shrubs and scruffy lawns into pleasing coherent  spaces with delightful planting. These are now maturing nicely and are a pleasure to us. 

It is testimony to Mary’s skill as a garden designer and planner that all projects have been carried out successfully and professionally. She has been sensitive to our requirements and has come up with imaginative schemes and plans to implement  them. We would have no hesitation in recommending her for your garden design projects.”     

Mike and Barbara, Roundhay

Planting design

“We moved into our house over 5 years ago and it came with an amazing garden for Birstall – we’ve got palm trees, a beautiful banana plant, eucalyptus and more yukkas than you can shake a stick at.  Our predecessors were very knowledgeable and thoughtful gardeners, with lots of time to dedicate to it.  Unfortunately, we’re really none of those things!  Just over a year ago we asked Mary to help us make the garden less work, whilst also keeping the exotic feel and making it a family-friendly garden for our two little girls to enjoy and help us grow a bit of fruit and veg.  She developed a planting rejuvenation design, helping us to replace some of the overgrown and less fancy shrubs and to put in repeating plants to tie the garden together more.  She completely redesigned one of our big beds and it’s just beautiful – in the frost and the sunshine (and both!).  We all four had a taste of our first home-grown apple last summer.  She’s helped us feel that the garden is really ours, rather than that we’re looking after (not very well) our predecessors’ garden.  She really listened to what we were after and prodded us gently (and rightly) out of some of our preconceived ideas.  I’d highly recommend her.”

 Jenny and Andrew, Birstall


“Following Mary’s design of our garden – which we love – she offered some mentoring sessions to help us to look after it well and help us to have an idea of what we were doing. These have made a profound difference to our relationship with the garden. Mary offered a mixture of knowledge – telling us what was important, why things were done, and facts – and skills development. She showed us how to plant seeds in the seed trays in the greenhouse – bringing with her the things needed.  She also brought seedlings to show us how to prick out into individual pots. All the time she was showing us, she gave a running commentary on why we needed to do each thing and then general information about soil, care of the greenhouse and tools etc. She made sure we had a go at doing each stage and could ask questions along the way. This gave us a good basis to learn how to manage on our own. It also gave us confidence. Mary is just the right person to help – she is clear, informative and incredibly encouraging. She knows about how people learn. I would recommend her mentoring sessions as they make all the difference.”        

Clare and Richard, Kirkstall

Advice and consultancy

“Mary advised me on making various changes to my garden 18 months ago. She gave me great advice; she quickly saw the problem areas and gave me a couple of options of how to change them. My garden now feels more open and I have a lot more evergreen foliage visible from from my house which has completely changed the way the garden works in the winter. I was particularly impressed with the questions Mary asked to really understand what I wanted. She has exceptional plant knowledge.

A couple of months ago I asked Mary to advise me on making my boundaries more secure before my dog arrived. Her advice was very comprehensive, practical and affordable including a good list of potential suppliers. She made a point of keeping the garden light and harmonious. I have recommended Mary to three friends who are all delighted with the gardens Mary has designed for them.”    

Sarah, Ilkley