RHS Chatsworth: making the screen

Mike Bowen, General Manager of Wm. Spence, is a vital part of my Chatsworth show garden preparation.  He’s been liaising with me about the curving, sculptural metal screen which is a key element of my Long Border design.


This morning I went for a meeting with Mike and Ben Howarth of Innoscape and John Anderson who will be installing the screen with me on the show ground.  








I’d expected to be able to discuss details and check on progress so I was delighted to find that we could actually watch the screen panels being made by Wm. Spence’s super high-tech laser cutter.  





It was amazing to watch the laser cutter’s balletic tracing of shapes I’d drawn only a few weeks ago and to see the screen taking form in front of me.  Below is a video of the laser cutter at work – I could have watched it all day!