A Short Time to Make a Long Border

On Tuesday 14 May I’m giving a talk as part of Headingley Festival of Ideas. I’ll be remembering the process of making ‘Turning Point’, my RHS Chatsworth 2018 Long Border, and also exploring how borders of various sorts impact on the world of plants and garden design. Come along for ideas, questions and discussion! Details here

‘Design Your Own Garden 2: Plants and Planting Design’ Evening Class

A new follow-on course to my ‘Design Your Own Garden 1: Design Principles and Layout’ will be running at The Bowery, Headingley, Leeds, from May this year. It will build on Part 1’s grounding in shaping a space and explore how to use plants as a design component in your garden, how to choose the right plants for your soil, situation and desired atmosphere. There’ll be plenty more hands-on design work and the chance to think in detail about this crucial element of making a garden.

Booking for the course is open here.