‘Turning Point’: making the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show garden

‘Turning Point’ is made.  We finished the planting and tidying up this afternoon, so tomorrow morning will be doing some last-minute checking and deadheading before Press Day begins.  The build has gone amazingly smoothly, thanks to sterling support and expert help from John, Sue, Hazel, Richard, Tracy and Suzi.  Here they are in all their high-vis glamour:




























The work of making the garden has ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.  In the sublime category has been spending four days working on a site folded between the gilded imposingness of Chatsworth House to one side and rolling, green, tree-studded designed landscape to the other side.  Ridiculous episodes include washing a shrub with a baby toothbrush and sitting on the ground for half a day cleaning up trays of moss.  Those are definitely to be filed under the heading Things You Only Ever Do On A Show Garden Build.

I’ll write in more detail about ‘Turning Point’ later on.  I’ve already posted some photos of the garden on instagram and twitter (@maryswangardens) and will add more during the Show days.