Roundhay corner garden

This front garden needed a completely new design to make it sit well against the smart house, give good access for the clients and their dog and visitors, and provide year-round interest from the front windows and entrance porch.  Generous new pathways in matt dark grey Belgian clay pavers provide plenty of room to walk, and also space to store bins.  New floating timber seats set into the porch sides give space for storing boots and preparing for dog walks. Subtle lighting picks out the entrance path, front porch and a feature tree.  The house is on a corner, so to frame it a new Yew hedge was planted around the boundaries and Magnolia and Sorbus trees link outwards to trees in adjacent gardens.  The planting palette is underpinned by a range of greens, including splashes of lime, with white, maroon, blue and burnt orange flowers at different points of the year.  

The back garden had already been built, so Mary designed planting to sit against its strong shapes and clean lines.  Year-round structure is provided by arching grasses and mounded evergreen shrubs and the tracery of trained Apple trees; waves of spring bulbs light up the beds at the start of the year and then give way to architectural foliage and layers of white and maroon flowers from early summer to late autumn.