A garden to be used by grown-ups, children and a dog.  A house extension made the clients realise that the garden needed to be reconfigured, with space for growing fruit and vegetables, playing and relaxing.  The site was sloping and poorly drained in places and needed pulling together visually.

The new design improved the soil texture, levelled out the site, used permeable gravel as the main surface and added a rain garden to absorb run-off water from the main level.   Yorkshire stone was used for new walls, to tie in with the house and its surroundings.  New planting areas wrap around an elliptical lawn and include a raised  boundary bed for spring flowers and year-round evergreen structure, the rain garden with its tall screen of grasses and a bed buffering the paving outside the new glass doors, to give a screen of airy, moving, grassy planting with pops of colour.

The hard landscaping in this garden was built by Innoscape.